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The Auction

July 2, 2016


There are some times in your life where you are completely blown away by the generosity and support of others.  June 20th did not disappoint and was for sure one of those moments for me.  A huge round of applause to the Gryphon Warrior Group for putting on the event, and a big thank you to everyone who showed up!  The event was sold out and I think that everyone who came had a wonderful time. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it is sort of the only words I am left with.  One of my first thoughts was that I am not worthy of all this – it all feels overwhelming.  Yes I have been dealt a crappy hand, however through my journey I look around and see others with an even worse hand than me.   It’s almost like I deal with survivors’ guilt about my diagnosis versus others who are in the same battle, but starting from a worse point.  As I started writing down some of my thoughts, my mind told me that I have written about this before. Sure enough here is part of a blog I wrote on December 17, 2011 about the challenge of receiving.  When receiving, you are required to humble yourself.  Which is hard to do.  You have to admit that you are at a point of weakness.  That you need help.  The truth is we all need help.  I believe the idea that we will just “do it (life) alone” is a myth and a lie.  But dang it’s hard to accept that fact at times.  In many ways true strength lies in the ability to not only acknowledge that you need help, but also to be willing to accept the help.  Being meek is far superior to being strong.


Proverbs 16:

18Pride goes before destruction,

and haughtiness before a fall.

19Better to live humbly with the poor

than to share plunder with the proud


Here is part of my blog that still rings true today:

“I think through this entire process God is trying to teach me many things.  Currently it is about receiving.  The support and love that we have received has been mind blowing, humbling and truly amazing – from our families, friends, church, work and even from people whom we don’t even know.  We are so thankful, blessed and honored.  I think back to when my Dad was going through treatment and the next step was to perform a stem cell transplant, however our insurance company would not cover that procedure, so some amazing people in the Valley rallied, started fundraisers and raised the necessary money to allow the procedure to go forth.  One day I went to Ixtapas in Duvall with some friends and as we went to pay, there was a jar on the counter with a picture of my family asking for support to allow for the stem cell transplant.  It was a weird, difficult, and humbling experience for me.  Unfortunately he was never healthy enough to go through the procedure, but the funds were used to cover medical expenses and then were used to help fund the Kyle Warren Heyting Memorial Scholarship that is still given each year to a Cedarcrest High School Senior. I would much rather choose to give than to receive.”

The Colby update.  On the night of the auction,  Jessica ended up taking Colby to the ER at Children’s Hospital.  He had fallen and hurt his elbow over the weekend.  His doctor thought that the bone might be displaced and that he might need surgery as soon as possible.  Thus the trek to the ER.  Luckily it turns out he didn’t need surgery, but does have a fracture and will be in a cast for a little while. Thankfully, Colby has has a great attitude. It did make for a crazy night, and was very unfortunate that Jessica was not able to make it to the auction, but I know she also feels the overwhelming generosity, love, and support from everyone.

To those that heard me share my story, I do have an update on my conversations with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  They had a meeting with Premera (my insurance company) and were hoping that they would be able to reach a deal on coverage for Proton Radiation Treatment.  However, the sad news is that meeting did not go as they had hoped. In fact they are feeling that Premera is digging in their heels a bit on this.  That was disappointing to hear.  As a point of reference they just reached a coverage deal with Regence/Blue Shield to cover Proton Treatment.   It is also covered by Medicare and for anyone under 18.   This makes me feel like things are in limbo a little bit.  They will still be working with me from a financial point of view, however I know I was hoping that the whole insurance issue would be resolved quickly.  I also think they thought that this would have already been handled as well.   Especially since I have already received the treatment – it’s not like I can “take it back”!  But as I mentioned at the auction – I do think everything will work out in the end.  However being a CPA, with financial things being left unclear, it makes a stressful thing for me to deal with.

The SCCA is now working on their own game plan to find the best way to go about putting pressure on Premera.  I have asked to be a part of that process.  So I will now await my “marching orders”, which could be heading to Olympia to speak with lawmakers, helping with some radio ads, a social media campaign or maybe some letter writing. Whatever it may be, I am totally on board and ready to do everything in my power to pressure Premera to do the right thing. GWG

Again a huge thank you to Scott Montgomery and the Gryphon Warrior Group for putting on the auction.  I know that they will continue to do amazing things and help to change lives!  They will be running the Ragnar Relay in July so if everyone can wish them a fun time and great success during the run that would be awesome!

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  1. Barbara Feldman permalink
    July 4, 2016 7:43 am

    David, I am in awe of your (& your family’s) faith, strength & endurance!! You are an inspiration to us all. Praying for Premera to step forth & do the right thing. God be with you; you are in my prayers. With Love, Your cousin Barb


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